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Our mission is to enable our clients to manage their business processes and data more effectively. With ever evolving technology, new business requirements and reporting mandates, customers turn to us for Custom Applications, Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions. Specific offerings include:

Custom Development

Application Development

Companies that cannot find off-the-shelf solutions to meet their business needs hire Parallax to develo custom applications. No custom application is the same and they can vary in size and complexity, especially with ever changing technology and increased demand for web and mobile access. Parallax provides the following services to build custom applications that meet a company’s unique requirements while staying current with the fast paced and changing technology:

  • Business and technology requirements development or validation
  • Application development utilizing the appropriate (web, mobile, desktop) Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies based on the requirements.
  • On-going support and development of applications to allow businesses to focus on core strengths.
Sharepoint Development

Companies are leaning that SharePoint is more than just a document management platform and turn to Parallax to help leverage the robust platform to improve business process and data visibility. Parallax provides the following services to help companies maximize their investment in SharePoint:

  • Automation of business process through forms and workflow development
  • Custom Web Parts development
  • SQL Reporting Services integration
  • Dashboard and scorecard development using Reporting Services and / or PerformancePoint

Business Intelligence & Reporting

One of a company's most important assets is its data. Unfortunately, too often that data is locked away in disparate systems and thus cannot be fully leverage. Parallax provides the following services to help companies use their data to make better decisions:

Reporting & Analytics

Companies often struggle interpreting and sharing data locked inside their information systems. Parallax provides the following services to help unlock the data and allow key decision makers to use the data effectively:

  • Database analysis and report requirements development
  • Executive and operational report development using SQL Reporting Services, Analysis Services and SharePoint
  • Excel / Word automation
  • Self-service reporting guidance and setup (PowerView, Excel, Report Builder to name a few)
Data Integration

Companies are still facing the age-old challenge of managing/integrating the multitude of different internal and external information systems that have been implemented over the years. Parallax helps companies leverage the benefits of integrating internal and external systems through:

  • Business process design and data mapping
  • SQL Server Integration Services package development
  • Transformations services and/or web services development
Data Warehousing

Companies need visibility into data scattered across line-of-business systems and departmental data stores. Parallax provides services to help companies transform transactional data into meaningful information that drives management decisions at operational, tactical, and strategic levels:

  • Data warehouse schema design
  • SQL Server Analysis Services development
  • Dashboard and scorecard development leveraging Microsoft business intelligence offerings (SharePoint, Excel, PerformancePoint, Reporting Services to name a few)

Technology / Methodology

We are Microsoft specialist and have been working with the technologies for over 15 years.

Technology / Methodology

We combine Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, ASP MVC, Sharepoint and SQL Server technologies with our Parallax methodology / framework as the foundation for all projects. All our developers use the tested and refined Parallax methodology / framework which is based on our over 15 years of experience and industry "best practices".

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